Trailblazer SS Suspension FAQ

Q. I am having problems with my air suspension on my truck. Is converting to coil springs a good idea?
A. Absolutely. All parts of the air suspension system are prone to fail eventually and the ride with coil springs is just as good if not better than the factory airbags!

Q. How do the front shocks adjust the ride height?
A. The Belltech front shocks have and adjustable spring perch. They use spacers to raise or lower the spring perch to adjust ride height. The factory spring is retained for a quality ride.

Q. Do I need the front tubular a-arms?
A. The front tubular control arms are longer than the factory control arms so they help to get camber back into factory specification when lowering your truck. With the 31.5″ kit most trucks will still have some negative camber in the front even with the factory camber adjustment maxed out. With the tubular arms your camber will be VERY close to factory without even adjusting the camber. With the 30.5″ drop you will definitely need them to get to factory camber specifications.

Q. Can I still tow if I switch to coil springs?
A. Yes you can. Small single axle trailers are no problem. If you are towing larger trailers like car trailers I would recommend getting the helper bag kit.

Q. What do I do for bump stops with the 30.5″ kit?
A. Its up to you. Some people just remove them. Most people cut them down. You definitely don’t want to leave them untouched or you will be riding on them.